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The Texas Department of Agriculture has developed the Texas Wine Regional Partnership Grant to enhance the growth, visibility and awareness of the Texas wine industry.

This regional partnership grant meets the goals and objectives of TDA by promoting the Texas wine industry. It allows recipients the opportunity to increase their current Texas wine marketing efforts at wine-related events, functions and educational activities across the state. These grants are initiated through TDA's GO TEXAN program, a focused, broad-based strategic marketing initiative that encumbers goods or services produced or value-added in the Lone Star State.

Update: Because of the program's popularity, funding for grants has been depleted for the current fiscal year. Grant proposals were evaluated on a first-come, first-serve basis, and all available funds have been awarded to qualifying applicants. While TDA is no longer accepting applications for these grants this fiscal year, we encourage you to apply next fiscal year.

Requests for Proposals: Texas Wine Regional Partnership Grants

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