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"This is a vibrant, growing industry that plays a very significant role in the diversification of Texas agriculture." Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples said. 'Texas Wine now has a place on the international stage and we expect to play a much larger role in the near future."
Todd Staples, Texas Agriculture Commissioner

"The Texas Department of Agriculture is proud to play a role in the continuing success story of Texas Wine, but the real stars are the wines themselves," Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples said. "Our winemakers have achieved extraordinary success in identifying the varietals and techniques best suited to our region's climate and terrain. The quality is outstanding. While the Texas Wine Marketing Program has been instrumental in raising public awareness, the growing popularity means we're producing very good wines."
Todd Staples, Texas Agriculture Commissioner

"The Texas Wine industry has come of age," Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples said. "Our grape growers are producing premium fruit and our winemakers have demonstrated tremendous skill in crafting truly fine wines. Committed people have put us in the spotlight and the recent awards and growing popularity are evidence of just how far we've come."
Todd Staples, Texas Agriculture Commissioner



Texas Department Of Agriculture

Wendy Womack
Coordinator for Food and Beverage
Marketing and International Trade
Phone: 512-463-7170
Fax: 1-888-223-5703

Industry Statistics

Dr. Natalia Kolyesnikova
Texas Marketing Research Institute – Texas Tech University
Phone: (806) 742-3077

Dr. Kolyesnikova leads the Texas Wine Marketing Research Institute at Texas Tech University and is well versed in Texas viticulture. From suggesting ideal grape varieties to garnering facts and analyzing data, she is extremely knowledgeable.

Grape Growing/Viticulture

Ed Hellman
Professor of Viticulture and Extension Specialist
Texas AgriLife Extension and Texas Tech University
Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center
Phone: (806) 746-4038

Jim Kamas
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist-Fruits
Gillespie County Extension Office
Phone: (830) 997-3452

Dusty Timmons
Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center, Lubbock
Phone: (806) 746-6101

Fran Pontasch
Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center, Stephenville
Phone: (254) 968-4144 Ext 246

Penny Adams
Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center, Gillespie County Office
Phone: (830) 997-7047

Fritz Westover
Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center, Harris County Office
Phone: (281) 855-5608

Roy E. Renfro, Ph.D.
T.V. Munson School of Viticulture and Enology
Grayson County College
Phone: (903) 463-8717


Brent Trela
Assistant Professor of Enology and Extension Specialist
Texas Tech University, Dept of Plant and Soil Science
Phone: (806) 742-2469

Mike Sipowicz
Extension Enology Program Specialist
Texas AgriLife Extension
Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center
Phone: (806) 746-6101

These educators can provide information about what grapes grows best, when you should plant, water regulations, soil conditions, pest, diseases, etc.


Steve Greinert
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC)
Phone: (512) 206-3338

TABC’s Compliance Department can provide information about current and pending laws pertaining to the Texas wine industry, including wet and dry counties issues, licensing and shipping regulations.



Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association

The Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association is comprised of more than 400 members representing winemakers and grape growers. The organization is an excellent source for Texas wine industry information.

Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association (TWGGA)
Phone: (817) 424-0570

Gary Elliott
President, Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association

Texas Hill Country Wineries

Katy Jane Bothum
Executive Director
Phone: (575) 649-9578

January Wiese
Phone: (512) 914-5561



There are as many stories about Texas wines as there are wines to celebrate. Here’s a list of ideas to help you uncork your own unique angle. We’re glad to help you in any way by providing contacts, additional information or other resources. Just give us a ring at (866) 4TX-WINE.

Texas Two-Sip Tele-Tasting

On March 31, 2009, TDA partnered with expert sommeliers, Devon Broglie and Craig Collins, to host a group of journalists from across the country in the first ever Texas Two-Sip Tele-Tasting. Using a live webcast, our hosts conducted a blind tasting of five Texas wines paired against a comparable non-Texas wine. The audience of eight journalists and wine professionals followed along at home, pouring the same wines as the hosts from specially wrapped and numbered bottles they received in advance.

After both the Texas wine and non-Texas wine were sampled, the hosts unwrapped the concealed bottle to reveal the wine's origin. Throughout the Tele-Tasting, participants provided feedback through a chat room attached to the webcast and then the group joined a conference call for a lively discussion.

Click here to see the video of the first ever Texas Two-Sip Tele-Tasting.

Click here to download tasting notes.

Did Texan Thomas Munson Save the Wine World?

Denison resident Thomas Munson was a 19th century viticulturist who developed a phylloxera resistant grapevine that saved the European wine industry. So important were his contributions to wine that he’s honored with a number of statues in France.

History of Texas Wine

Texas has a long and colorful wine history that began in the 17th century when Spanish missionaries started making wine near present-day El Paso. The state’s oldest winery still in operation, Del Rio’s Val Verde Winery, dates back to 1833.

Texas Appellations

Texas has eight federally approved wine-grape growing regions that spread across the state, including the country’s second-largest viticultural area. Each region has its own soil, climate and unique characteristics, giving Texans the ability to produce an unusually diverse list of varietals.

Texas Shipping Law

Doors opened for Texas wineries in 2005 when the Legislature passed a law allowing them to ship their wines to the front door of adults of legal drinking age within the state.

Alphonse Dotson - Former NFL Star Tackles Texas Wine Industry

This former defensive lineman for the Oakland Raiders is now one of the state’s most popular and successful grape growers.

Texas Food & Wine Pairings

Wine has always been a popular choice with steak, poultry and fish. But its rising popularity in Texas has meant finding pairings for regional favorites like chicken fried steak, barbecue and enchiladas.

Destination Wineries

Several Texas wineries have gone beyond mere tastings and offer shopping, bed and breakfast accommodations, carriage rides and live music.

Truly Texan Wine Labels

The label art on Texas wines is as unique as the creations it represents. There are several great ones to choose from.

Texas Wine Month

October is Texas Wine Month, a celebratory event that sparks wine activities throughout the state.

Wine and Texas Music

Wineries have emerged as popular venues for Texas musicians, a mutually beneficial arrangement.

HLSR Saddles and Buckles

The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo bucks the trend toward awarding medals and presents winners with custom-made belt buckles and championship saddles, prizes normally associated with the rodeo. It’s a strategy that’s getting the event lots of attention.

Award-Winning Wines

Texas wines are bringing home medals from around the world. Visit our Awards Page on the Web site.

La Bodega Winery

Operating out of the DFW International Airport, this is the nation’s only airport-based winery. The winery scored huge points by combining wine making and a love of aviation history with its commemorative port called “Aero Port.”

The Women of Texas Wine

As owners, winemakers, growers and promoters, women are a big part of the Texas wine industry.

Wedding Central

With beautiful grounds and attractive facilities, Texas wineries have become very popular destinations for weddings and special events.

Harvest-time Events

From vineyard races to community grape picking, harvest time has become a public participation event at Texas wineries.



    According to the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association and Texas Tech's Wine Marketing Research Institute study for 2009:

  1. Texas is America's No. 5 wine producer.
  2. Texas is America's No. 7 winegrape producer.
  3. The Total economic impact to the State of Texas from the wine and winegrape industry is $1.7 billion.
  4. An estimated 1.3 million tourists visited Texas wineries in 2009 generating $379.5 million in wine tourism expenditures.
  5. Wine grapes, their products and allied industries diversify local economies, create employment and generate new market opportunities in rural communities.
  6. The number of full time jobs generated from the Texas wine industry in 2009 is 10,756.
  7. The current number of Texas wineries is nore than 220 (source TABC) and the number of wine cases produced is 1.2 million.
  8. The number of commericial growers is 315 and the number of grape-bearing acres currently stands at 3,300.
  9. Taxes Paid in 2009: State and Local / Federal - $78 million / $96 million.